Injection Molding Frequently Asked Questions :



l  What is the minimum order qty (MOQ)?


 - For low volumn quantity, could be few hundred or thousands. But your unit

price will be very high.  We hope it can be with 2000, 3000, or 5000pcs per lot,

this can be discussed again as per each project.


l What types of molding services are offered ?


-We mainly offer injection types of molding.  We also offer compression molding

type and metal punching type of molding in Taiwan.  The most important

things is we provide engineering design and checking service for helping

customer to develop their products.  We make prototype mold/tool for testing

customer’s first product, we also provide related jig or fixture for helping

customer’s project need.


l What types of secondary operations and decorating services do you offer?


-We provide turnkey solution for most projects. We do assembly work via ultrasonic welding, glue, solvent bonding.   We assist customer to do silk screening or pad printing, and also packing need.


l What quality certifications do you have?


-Our working system and quality checking system had obtained international SGS’s certified with complete report.  We have SGS certification report.


l What is the typical lead-time for molds or tools?


-For injection mold tool, 35-60 days for presenting T1 samples, up to project’s complexity degree, can be discussed again.

-For compression mold tool, 30-45 days for presenting T1 samples, up to project’s complexity degree, can be discussed again.

-For punch die, 30-45 days forpresenting T1 samples, up to project’s complexity degree, can be discussed again.


l  Who owns the mold after it is built?


- Molds are always the property of our customers!  We can send you full 3D mold designs as well. 



Application for Design-Engineering



Q1. Does your company provide design service?


A1.  Absolutely yes. We have helped countless customers from Europe and North America to invent their new products.Our experienced;engineers give our customers useful suggestion to help them solve the problems that they encounter when designing and process the molds and products.


Application for Mold



Q1. Do you provide the mold steel certificate?


A1.  Yes, we do.  Due to Taiwan does not produce steel, so, we imports 100% high quality steel from German and  Japan. From this fact, customer is guaranteed with high quality steel producer from German and Japan. All our mold steels are imports fro German and Japan with international steel certificate and guarantee for high- level quality and life time. 


Application for Molding-Parts


Q1. Except molding services, Do you generate products as well ?



A1.  Yes, we can make customized projects for your need here in our factory, Taiwan for you.  But we do not have any existing mold. That is, we only make new mold...then, from above new mold, making parts out of it. We make the production job for our overseas clients in Taiwan. In short, we produce customized molds and products, and we also provide our customers reverse engineering service.




Application for Getting Quotation


Q1. Is it complicated to get the quote?



A1.  Definitely not, all we need from our clients to provide is that their technical data like 2D, 3D drawings,samples or photos. After receiving the project, our experienced and professional team will start to study and evaluate it. At the same time, our team will also discuss with the designers to make sure that every details are clear enough to make the actual mold and molding job, then, we will prepare a proper detailed quote report to our customers.  We will give our clients quality quotation reports  as soon as possible.